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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

"Be sure to wear clean undies .. before your rape"

                                "Be sure to wear clean undies .. before your rape,"
                                  ordered ape-man before he went 'APE"

                                 "Be sure to please me, above all wretched else
                                   I'm gonna throw your torn ass onto a shelf!"

                                 "Be sure to smile while i am 'do'n you dirty,
                                   cause when your hurt'n, my dick gets perky!"

                                  "Be sure to have a big O so i feel like a man
                                    I am Fu__g  you, cause I know 'I CAN'

                                  "Be sure to show that I make you feel good
                                    Swallow my di__,  agh, under the hood"

                                  "Be sure not to scream or I will have to kill ya
                                    like the 12 year old, they sent me away fer"

                                  "Be sure to know that if you ever tell anyone
                                    I'm sending your sis; filthy pics .. by the ton."

                                  "Be sure not to answer the phone, when i am
                                    busy shooting polaroid's, before 'next slam"

                                  "Be sure not to go the police who already know
                                    I am on parole. Do as you have been told!"

                                  "Be sure to be here, if i ever come back for RAPE
                                    signed with dirty semen 'another misogynistic APE!'"

                                    Katherine Marion

                                    Holy Goddess, i am such a 'natural" at this rape inspired ..
                                    writing ..
                                    Wonder why?

                                    And, I'll be sure to tell a wholesome lot more truth ..
                                    before last breath ..
                                    that way; my sisters and nieces and all my other's
                                    never does die!

                                    Goddess- cast thine divine dye ......

                                    My oh, Magical My,
                                    Special K who believes in being a whole lot more  ..
                                    than spending senseless time in purgatory .. with
                                    those who barely live - a lie!!!




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