Monday, June 3, 2013

Wiping away another tired Mother's Tears

                                       I am holding witness to my sacred son
                                       losing his magical mind
                                       akin to sending a "canary into a coal mine"

                                       I watch in fear as i hear lies mercilessly
                                       paid for and shamelessly sold
                                       forgetting of truth .. needing to be so told

                                      I pray my child wakes from denial, soon
                                      rather: "biting the hand that fed"
                                      vulnerable teen; "down the garden path- led"

                                      I saw him, just last loving Tuesday eve
                                      of bravely beginning week
                                      holding himself tall; as not to appear meek

                                      I touched the smooth skin of his open hand
                                      feeling boyish innocence
                                      purest part  .. that does serve; saves him-best

                                      I  kissed flawless skin upon his loving cheek
                                      that kind and handsome face
                                      all i wish to do .. is make his fears, forever erase

                                      I see the way he tries to avoid being 'himself'
                                      unabashedly real and vulnerable
                                      no matter .. I will advocate for him, ever still

                                      I dream of the life I remember so fondly, sharing
                                      all of those bureaucracy-bungling years
                                      While wiping away another tired Mothers tears!!!!

                                      Katherine Marion


                                    "There is no greater Power than Love"

                                      Momma K who knows her light .. fills her
                                      Son's every day, no matter 'the unmentionables'
                                      greedy 'brother's' say.

                                       This Mother's is gonna make 'em pay!!!!

                                       oh, another poem .. com'n on - strong ..



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