Thursday, August 21, 2014

How Much Are You Willing to Lose .. to Grain real 'Weight?'

Met a Woman with a fibroid the size of a melon
The farm-fresh country roses, she wasn't smell'n 

Dropping her x, right onto his lumpy ego-laden head
Surely 40 lbs she must have courageously shed

Stretch marks on sloppy arms, from holding back lies
Cellulite upon her buttock's from ass-wrong ties

Bloated tummy under a pretty, white, cotton dress
Sheer summertime makeup to mask apparent stress

Keeping a Vision Board in your lonely bedroom 
Means nothing is every part of life is filled with" no room"

Losing lies costs pennies compared to keeping track
Keeping faith helps get your old confidence back

Balance is not achieved by jumping on the scales 
'Doing your work' is never trimming down.. your sails

When jumping from a cliff onto an umbrella, below
Make sure it is left open; to grow new wings to glow ...!.

Katherine Marion 

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