Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Met Her At The Dollar Store

                                 Met her at the dollar store
                                 not much over 60, she swore

                                 Molested at two months old
                                 by her mother's brother - told

                                 Drives a Harley of her own
                                 life of escapism, full-blown

                                 On drugs, since forever, seems                         
                                 no reprieve, not even in dreams

                                 Her own daughter finds fault
                                 no Mother, to bother to exalt

                                 Beaten-up as a child, often
                                 all too aware of what was 'rotten'

                                 Never trusting that .. so sweet
                                 even ME, whom she doetht meet

                                'Gone', due to dying in her head
                                Living corpse, now, already dead!

                                Katherine Marion


                               So what if I Am 'staying for free' in a low-cost
                               east side hovel in a poverty-stricken neighborhood

                               The cost is mighty high.. when everywhere I go
                               or stay; other's .. have an even higher 'cost' .. they pay!!!



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