Monday, August 24, 2009

Golden Is His Hair

My Song To Be Sung

Golden is his hair

Love in my tender name

Flawless skin set so fair

Plaited sun-lit mane

Light be his to bestow

Shining in mine very own

Little may he ever know

The path I have been shown

Boy of mine to adore

Sharing life as no other

Broken shell come to shore

Simply in this life: Mother

Feeling my heart expand

Opening up his bluest eyes

Holding my open hand

Promise of no more lies

Truth coming through me

One fine spring day

Soul kept pure and  free

Accepting gifts as only I may

Honor my duty to care for

See our way clearly 

Today and ever more

To cherish him dearly

Live each moment now

Facing challenges each day

Trust in our own Taoe

Following as  instincts play

 Goddess-sent power

Birthed to be set free

My brightest flower

Lovingly picked  by me

Katherine Marion 

Monday, August 24th, 2009
3:00 a.m.


Please, do follow ... post your positive appreciation and allow me to know how my happy heart touches your own. For all the sleep I lose over self-expression and sharing my feelings, this is the little gift I ask you to bequeath unto me and mine. For we are all one ... Bless you!


Enjoy the quick pics I snapped of US; captured this sumptuous Sunday evening. Kaelin wearing one of his freshly hand-painted designer shirts ( place your orders ... ) and reading his latest bestseller: "Enders Game". Simply the beginning ....


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