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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Love Me or Hate Me ... I am Gonna Dance!

About 3 wondrous weeks ago, feeling safe within my sacred sexuality, I allowed a wee house gremlin to video an impromptu dance of the divine Diva that sweetly erupted from my sexy inner self.

The joy of revealing my warm and moist inner core. How can a 49 year young Woman who has been sent to hell ... only to return in better shape than whence she first came, not feel proud to lay luscious claim ....

If anyone knows the story of this bold and brazen body, it must be Me. When I am in sync with my own rhythm, I feel the best I should, could and can. Hearing the music of only mine ... I Am!

Movement allows us nothing to hold onto and nowhere to go, except inside ... where the beauty never lies and every conscious curve speaks the truth. A celebration of one more beautiful being!

I have danced on stage with Chris Issac. Upon the speakers at a New Years yacht concert of Doug and The Slugs. For 2 1/2 panty-free hours, after a Bachelor Of The Year Contest, at the Commodore Ballroom. Speak of freeing oneself ...

Bloodying my knuckles from gripping a metal cage, at an after hours dance party. Getting bounced from Richards for dancing dirty before it was in vogue. Gyrating table-side in Texas. Hired by one more casting director to cast the sexy dye.

It's as if I have been thrown into a corner and condemned. What can I do? Believe I am only imagining the pain? Let go of that precious and pure part of myself that wishes to merely break out, rather than be smothered in unhappy heresay? I'll just keep dancing!!!

"Free Your Mind" is my 13 year old son's favorite song. At the tender age of 6, he would play that magical mantra and simply dance. Now is the only time to do the sensational same. For one and all to truly remain forever sane, we gotta create our own gorgeous game.

Empty. Purge. Lighten. Move beyond. Transform into blessed bliss. Sweat. Burn. Twist. Turn. Your personal freedom you will earn. Brighter be your light. Smaller is your fight. Clean your aura. Cleanse your soul. Dancing makes you wondrously whole!

Gotta go ...

Freeing my Wildest Child Within,



Please enjoy the dance I share. Show me you care by posting your positive commentary.

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