Saturday, August 15, 2009

I Miss My Mom

This early morn, I began to sob. Feeling all the pain of losing the Wonderful woman I loved most in this world. Remembering the real goodness tears can bring forth. Letting go of what I don't often enough allow myself enough time or space to feel. Now, I  am. Otherwise, how can a split wide-open soul, ever hope to happily heal!

A gentle man from Ireland commented on how moved he was when he watched me tending to my Mom. This is what started the long pent up tears ...  A 'complete stranger' viewing the beautiful heart-sent video of my Mommy and I. A moving pictorial of the amazing love shared between two special people. All I wished to do was to fully immortalize a myriad of magical moments that shall forever live on in the hearts of many. I succeeded.

I have met new friends on youtube, thanks to my heart and hand moving in unison, to upload a rare and informative video. Even though my youngest sister sent me hate mail and was banned from youtube, and my other sister's and most of my estranged family continue to condemn me for my supposedly thoughtless actions, I am pleased with myself. I am sharing the truth. This is all that has ever mattered to me.

To touch the heart of one more pure and precious person. Acknowledged by human kindness and validated by a heart that is as light as mine wishes to forever be. These gifts mean the wondrous world to me. For even though I live upon this precious planet, I continue to witness far too many atrocious indignities and have suffered multiple gross misfortune's of other's indecencies. And, yet, I keep on believing!

The only way I am able to keep my darling first love alive is by opening up ...

Thus, I am handing you one more key to your own personal happiness. Enjoy the movie ... 



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