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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Watch Out If You Don't Fit In WithThe Status-Quo

Better watch out if you don't fit in with the status-quo
Government agents  take your child before you know

Better watch out if your not adhering  to societal rule
Community will condemn before fearfully looking fool

Better watch out if you don't bleed at every stop light
Looki-Lou's will attempt to trip you with their fright

Better watch out if you don't grow love for all to take
Needy others will hurt you rather than their lies forsake

Better watch out if you don't fight back with your fist
Wounded world you heal with your open heart at risk

Better watch out if you don't succumb to their bribes
Dysfunctional families now forming New Order tribes

Better watch out if you don't believe in living the lie
Cheating souls can never your honored self ever buy

Better watch out if you don't suffer inequities if any
Cash carriers may come in at the drop of a lost penny

Better watch out if you don't bury yourself in alcohol
Drunken liars knock you down before they finally fall

Better watch out if you don't conform to this insanity
Crazy-making others live and die by their own vanity

Better watch out if you know the truth about real life
Jealous Juniors will stab you in the back with a knife

Better watch out if you won't back down from untruth
Unhappy heresayer's will mis-create torturous proof

Better watch out if you choose to see your loving light
Dark Angels unto their own ghosts will hold on tight

Better watch out if you dare to dance where devils grin
Mindless masses continue to kiss  asses and commit sin

Better watch out if you are filled with all that is good
Unbelieving deceivers will receive what they should

Better watch out if you season with wisdom to give
Saddened spirits will never jump the bridge to live

Better watch out if you remember to smile every day
Ungrateful gods will attempt to wipe your joy away

Better watch out you never go down that war torn road
Peaceful Warriors never force a  Queen to kiss a toad!

Katherine Marion


The first verse of this prophetic poem came through me ... less than a week ago. More and more, I have been feeling about these words invited into a world filled with woes and wars of unwanted emotion's and magical potions ... put to waste.

Finally, after sharing the most lovely visit with my graciously aging x-landlady and receiving an unwanted visit from my current landlord, I am cursed on this worldly plane, to lay out my palpitating heart and irrefutable truth.


Better to sway from searing swords held onto be ungainly lords, than bite the  weighted bullet of unconsciousness. My choice is to continue speaking my voice, heard high above the heavy noise of unserving dissention. Far better than being served papers for spiritual self deception!

Besides, rather than pulling one more golden lock due to stressor's beyond my conscious control, my earthly virtues I would rather employ, than be unearthly decoy. My only crime committed? Being bold and beautiful Mother and none offending other. Now, and forever, holding onto her Goddess-given and blessed boy!


This picture is of this magical Momma hustling her busting bustierre all the way to the West Vancovuer Farmers Market. So, I found a shopping cart in the woods, as I walked along the winding river, from our home in Woodcroft Estate? Of course one of the farmers daughters, now all grow'd up, thought we might have "stolen it."

Simply one more gall-darned-thang that others mess up with ... meaning my wild, free spirit. Then, again, maybe it was just my ample cleavage that no man or woman would ever hope to fall hopefully into ... !

All I know is that I was preparing my Sexy Spaghetti for many and all I needed was a little lop-sided help. Not lip-service from self-serving, smiling sweethearts, sending up sneers instead of crying real tears.

Keep taking those tanned gams and walking those long and luscious  miles, Baby K.


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