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Sunday, July 25, 2010




"The only real valuable thing is intuition." - Albert Einstein

Imagine for a moment ... living all your moments as magically as you were meant to!

What might possibly happen if you cut off all your golden Goddess locks at the age of 50? Forced to leave the breast's alone, as God meaningfully meant, relegated to live your luscious life in virtual sexless-clusion since one whom is so often misunderstood and misinterpreted; surely will not misrepresent her most healing and sacred self.

Forcing to look at yourself in the unmarred mirror of your subconscious, you see a beautiful creature looking back at effortlessly youthful you ...

What would you do?

Biking under a full and resplendent Mother Moon, swelling with the happiness of her own joyous self, this past evening, one single Mommy rode victoriously under the light of her own shining beacon of infinite love. Knowing herself to be as impenetrable as the beautifully bursting-open bubble she was born unto, one fearless feline feasts on the divinity that is truly hers.

Guidied by a faceless force that speaks to the highest parts of precious her, one guiless gust of gorgeous gratitude glides effortlessly... Upon wheels of wounded wonderment and wind-swept wishes - endlessly coming true. Preciously pecalling full-circle as she initiates the latest and greatest adventure that starts now and lasts forever.

Taking the luscious lead, as two brave boys, growing and glowing under a setting sun, take tumultuous turns playing in the playground of loving life. As gleefully as the birds that chirp and sing in conscious chorus for all that rings right and true. A toupe of untroubled troubadour's; laughing and loving every minute of mesmerizing glory they are able to get their divinely dirty hands on!

Smiling into the downcast eyes of a downtrodden society that casts scorn upon those whom remember to frolick in the fearful face of adversity. Tasting only the freedom of their own hearts as they bend to pick up one more juicy berry, and another handful of sweetest sand, as they seize each morsel of goodness with the greatness that never stoops low enought to lie ..within the non-deceiving depths of their own highest intentions.

Barreling down empty cement squares; colored with chalk drawings and divided by dirt-filled divider's of city sidewalks, walked upon by many and never enjoyed as readily as by a favoured and flavorful few. A couple of single Mother's little men in the making, find themselves at home, with wings spread high and wide, simply gleefully happy to be so boldly and beautifully alive!

Feeding a testosterone-fueled 14 year young teen homeschooler and his borrowed 7 year old next door neighbor play-pal might seem to be a 'drain on the notebook' of some, yet to this prosperity consciousness-raising Mommy, a well deserved visit to is in the organically-enriched offering. "To Wendy's", we make wise choice to have never been. Pistachio nuts with sea salt, living foods vegan meat-less pizza, egg-free caesar salad, Curried Thai Soup, and soaked Teriyaki Almonds; merely a few magical morsels fed to a couple of hungry for life, real love, and substantially sustaining seeds to bloom on.

Broken-down Vancouver transit buses towed by trucks that pay other boys with Daddy's ... double time, simply give more space for a my untroubled troupe to double up on one bicycle after another drops like a stead worn out by it's younger ride,r whom relishes whatever comes his wondrous way; as allowed by an unanxious other whom fearlessly fosters the innate freedom that one handsome he has so frustratedly been forced to sheepishly shed, as dead layers of loveless life; no breath of freshest air should ever be asked to unenchantingly enter into.

A concientous cycle over to Whole Foods off of Cambie, for a gargantuan veggie salad; consisting of muliple colored phytonutrient-rich vegetables to grow a garden meant to gallantly graze upon. Pure cocoa macaroons to feast and fight over; fueling an uphill migrating flight, as any stalwart and well-fed army of supernaturally-stuffed soldiers can gleefully attest.

Let's remember that purest Kangen Water, so generously supplied .. and downed by three drowing in delicious waters of alkaline non-acidity. Multiple mouthfuls upon overflowing mouthful of mesmerizing liquid that fills the vessel, sustains the soul and blesses the generous giver and rawstuck receiver with all that any bestowed upon believer could conceivably be gifted with in a grateful lifeline of a loving lifetime.

Following Mother Moon, after awaiting an upper Granville Blue Bus, for well over half an untroubled happening and happiest hour, I finally depart for my upwards journey, filled with joy, aware that a couple of conscioius beings are safely seated for their supervised ride home, while the 50 years chrono-time youthful forever ... feisty feline that had tenacity and audacity to spare, makes her conscious climb, heavenward's as ever ...

As I write my welcoming words, at 5:30 am, I can still feast upon the fresh, banana ice-cream; topped with exotic blended mango and served to me on close ennough to a silver platter by my sumptuous rising-son. Still tasting the treat of unconditional love sitting beside me as I type upon the congested keyboard, I am slowly remembering our surprise a few hours ago ... whereupon Constable Kevin Bernardin came to visit after he was alerted that a young boy was missing from his home, downstairs, and complaining that he was "starving."

There is a lot more to this story than what reads between the laughing lines of love. I am glad that wrting for The Agora causes a kind and decent police officer to allow the "Mother Of All Mother's" whom feeds everyone ... to be allowed to sit upon her eco-friendly hand-made bed, with her brilliant boy's computer firmly attached to her well-loved lap, as she speaks her truth. I knew full well that this eveing when we left, while one Mom slept and another young heart rode into his own shining sunset, there may surely be a later un-supported upset. Yet, I listened to my happy heart and followed my instincts. Look where it lead me ...

One kindly officer, offered that the universe does surely bring what is needed, after a laughingly noted that I really did prefer the freshest inspiration. I kept mine own humble self open for providence to enter into into its splendid own. The Ministry Of Children and Families shall be visiting me, anytime soon. I shall be asked about the health and welfare of one excited child who played Wii for a couple of precious hours, after free-form play, where he was not forced to comform or barely live in virtual combat, for fear of being who he truly is and what he really aches to delicously do.

Is this story really any different than a couple of un-Goddess-like weekends ago, when the locally hired "Good Samaritan" Moving man decided to literally chase me down the neighboring streets of Marpole; guilelessly following me into the hallowed entrance-way of Sevona Restaurant and more ... Scaring an 'older' woman into having her husband call the police, and causing grave concern for other patrons whom felt and feared that "he might come back to shoot you." All because my boobies got the breast of hymn, after he yelled out his slanderous projections: "You Fu....g Slu., you think you think you can get away with anything, just because you have big tit's!"

Or, the way my wealthy landlord lorded over a kangaroo court hosted by him and whereupon the only judge and jurors whom gladly chose to attend were those unattending to their highest selves, selfish in their maddening motives for malicious slander and jealous for revenge for all that they feel has been taken from them, since a doomsayer's day that I can never recover for them or their endlessly blamed family of origin. Smirking over the hopes of my eventual eviction, asking to have me banned from the wearing my bikini - at 50 - from the front lawn I share with my gifts of potted roses and multi-hued happiest of perfectly well- attuned posies.

"You don't look like much of a threat to me.", my often kept too tumutuouisly busy,legal-aid lawyer once so kindly offered me. He actually went on to add that he felt me to be "fragile." Coming from all 6 ft 5 inches of 'never to be retiring' and ever- perspiring bicyling-loving him, this was quite the compliment. No wonder I continue to lift heavy weights in the confines of the community gym. While offering my gentleness and gratitude to all of those whom may choose to hear the beat of my thought-provoking heartbeat.

Bless the fearless light that enters through my very veins and the vain who find others to be far less deserving of desserts that they would wish to salivate over and save for their lowered chakra'd selves. Give me comfort and calm in understanding that my compassion does not emcompass all and asses shall continue to attempt to wipe theirs. Rise above the debris under another's nails that wish to bury me into an unearthly early coffin. And, best of all, keep abreast of all the joy and wonder within ... For as long as they are chasing you, they are are already long-lost, and fitfully falling behind ...

Supernaturally So,

Katherine Marioin -page 10 - under construction

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