Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Two Rawsome Peas In A Pearly Pod

Two rawsome peas in a pearly pod

went one day without clothes on their Goddess-given bod

Two rawsome peas in a pearly pod

were born naked as a the Jay-bird others found to be so odd

Two rawsome peas in a pearly pod

saw themselves as mirrors of love and gave the affirmative nod

Two rawsome peas in a pearly pod

 realize that the human body is sacred and not meant to flog

Two rawsome peas in a pearly pod

understand that in the 60's nakedness was all the mod

Two rawsome peas in a pearly pod

wearing human skin that barely deserves to be outlawed

Two rawsome peas in a pearly pod

feel that icy cold feelings of primitive others should be thawed

Two rawsome peas in a pearly pod

 at home with themselves and knowing the true meaning of God.

Katherine Marion


Ooooh, I love it!

Lookie here ... finding archived pics of K2 from close to 3 years ago, after my Mommy had just passed away, just before my rotator cuff deteriorated and my mercury amalgum's began to fall out ...

My son was a mere and magical 11 years young and I was in my 47th year of living and loving upon this physical plane.

We were healing after a death that never should have occured. Retreating into peace and holding one another precious  ... as we are all meant to magically be.

Of course, we were fully dressed, from the shoulders down and never would have been jumping into the shower or a hot-tub, as families are so inclined to do in Europe and other world-wide regions, which no one really bothers to really discuss, write about or send up charges against ...

I simply like this picture because it is of US and the unconditional familial love we hold for one another.

Any questions? Feel free to ask me in person or you may hire us both for a conscious consultation, so that you may get not only your figures right, also, your head set on straight - like the jacket you might otherwise choose to consider unconsciously wearing ...!


  1. Are you... naked in bed with your son here? I could have sworn you are required by law not to engage in this kind of behavior...

  2. People have jacuzzi's or shower's or go for a swim. Or wear strapless tops or young males go shirtless.

    "Kind" is the word.

    Bless you.

    Very special K