Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Upon Sands Of No Man's Time or Land


I am 50 and wear purple panties to English Bay
He is 14 and don's more attire than me

As far as any lookie-loo can look ...
What might the government say?

I am his Mother and perform strip-a-grams at 'mid-life"
He is my Son and loves me to laugh and crack my whip

As far as any lookie-loo may see ,,,
Enough to cause a governing body outright strife!

I am his only real role model as long as I live
He is the old soul I am guiding with my heart

As superficial as any lookie-loo can be
Government's still takes  more than all freely choose to give

I am the light that shines down upon my land
He is the Butterfly unconditionally gifted unto me

As far any lookie-loo can ever find 
 Governor's never win over we whom hold kindness in our hand!

Katherine Marion

After a wonderful day, spent at English Bay, I just had to stay up a little later ... after 48 hours with 0 hours of sleep.

Where others are fixing their hair and applying make-up , I am shedding layers to get real and raw'k on that sandy beach.

After spending the night in the wretched heat of Jeanne's and Gabe's, Mommy made it to the weight-room for a power leg work-out and a long, soak in the steam room.

All I cold do to stay awake; was bike one more block, breath another breath of fresh Vancouver air, and offer infinte thanks for all I have there and here, in my happiest heart of hearts!

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