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Friday, December 28, 2012

My Puppy Licks My Eye

My puppy licks my eyei
wish I had a tear
to feed him

My puppy curls up tight
wish we'd eaten
last night

My puppy is onnocent
wish  for kindness
where it went

My puppy is patient
wish for monies

My puppy smells fear
wish for trust
need love here

My puppy tastes Elk
wish was true
dreams for you

Katherine Marion

p.s .
Noone will be able to say that i did
not ask, or create, or put forth my
request to a 'Father' i was never blessed
to have as guide or protector, or faithful
servant to my heats tender cry

No one will be able to forget me when i die.

Foir, I aave lived a life that no sinner could
bear to live rhrough. Many have watched me
dance on hot  red coals, whilst they
played witness .. in the same wretched bed,
they so lovelessly laid me down upon.

To live forever .. may be the geatest torture.

And, I am.

Far much worse .. are the lifeless corpses of those .. who
did nothing for anybody. Except when it was to serve


In the forest .. one is able to see the trees.

When ONE is a tree, the forest is visible ..
for all to see.



  1. Hope all is well with you..sounds like youare in the boonies..hope you ae eating!If not you may need to eat what ever for now…like rice ( cooked and veggies…oh even the hardest raw foodists have…even Victor Kulvinskiis and even brian from hippocrates…a little cooked now and then is fine…mother earth likes it! brown rice, veggies, some kind of protein and voila a meal...

  2. waking up from unconsciousness is often hard seemingly. However the truth is that you are, we are all love. We are innocent. We just got off on the wrong track and got temporarily off track. We get up and get back on track and we think kind thoughts about ourselves as we do and we lean to listen only to the kind, ethical and loving voice. Never judging, but still always kind.

    So anyway…somewhere underneath all the "seeming dross" thre is stil what is shiny and fresh as thisis eternal and undying and lovely.
    Find your true self.

  3. Jeanne,

    Joyful new year, to you, too!

    Why don't you send your editorial to the local or international papers, rather than my wee and wonderful blog?

    Sermonizing is not what i am here to servie up .. especially of yours.

    So easy to leave Vancouver, where even you and I, first met. Remember that? You came to me .. asking for help. And, i will not even make mention of what ... in public. For i have discetion and the divine is my only guide.

    Feel free to eat raw, if you like.
    And, yet, please refrain from spilling your over-cooked beans .. my way.

    I am taking a 6 mo Herbology course, here on Gage - local name for Gabriola Isle - which will allow me to pick some stinging nettles for you to chew on ...!

    For now, i shan't eat - yours.

    With compassion in my divinely orderly fashion,

    Love very special K