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Friday, December 28, 2012

No One Should Be Alone

No one should be alone
deep hearts need a home
every puppy loves a bone
old maid turns into a crone

No one should be alone
all that is torn can be sewn
hurt feelings need be shown
truth deserves to be known

No one should be alone
loneliness not to be or roam
\sweet seeds must be sown
love needs conscious clone

No one should be alone
let go of old winds blown
hear beggar woman's drone
she to never leave you alone

Katherine Marions


A succesful businessman in Vanvouver, who
also happened to be our neighbor, helped me
when we first moved to Marpole. In so many
kind ways ..

Soon after, he stopped feeling and began to
think .. too much. His thoughful feelings ..
went out the door and his gratitide was no more.

Turns out, he knew a kind heart who was
brilliant and beautiful, before she comitted
suicide. I knew he felt guilty for not seeing
or doing somethng to make her life better, or
even leave her with one ..

There are many i have known, who have
shown me and my child, or even puppies . much
kindness. And, almost always, they turned
around and bit the hand they fed. Why not rather
instead, be grateful, for one never knows who
that 'beggar' at life's door may be - in disguise.

Just like in a fable or childhod story, nothng
means as it might seem. So, for those who let
out a fearful scream and are callous and mean,
i wish you well and I offer you the food of
insight .. allowing you to see beyond your
long nose that picks itself as you dig into your
wallet one more tested time, to see a piece of
gold that did not for long enougt shine.

Yes, that is right. Your heart is your winning
purse. That sparkle could be in your eye if
you did not permit what is precious and pure
to cry and beg and waste away ... No. There may
not be another clean or perfect or surer day
to do what is right .. for thosw eho are attacked
by your internal war that you wage. When you rage
you engage an unparalled universe to bring forth
one more wise or wizened sage ..

And, thus you begin your joyless journey .. again,
and again, and agian.

Start over in this lifetime. Be the lifeline for one
or many.. who can teach you much and have more
to offer than you know yourself to be worth or
worthy of. This may be tough, at first .. Try.
Practice. Even pretend. And, guess what?
Your worldly pain .. shall end. And, as you begin
to bend ... Joy to yourself and all others .. you will
forever send.

In sincerity for all sinns doen utno me and my brothers,

Katherine the Grateful



  1. have you sinned against anyone…? if so, you can stop .

  2. I am grateful when you write, even if I do not understqand it all the time, at least I can grab on a thread and pull it closer…to understanding.

  3. Poetry is not to be judged or to judge .. with.

    Not in my extensive .. books.

    Self expression is the ultimate exorise .. in clearing the head and cleaning up the heart.

    Love katherine