Sunday, December 23, 2012

Mother Sun

Mother Son
fears no one

She is ALL

Mother Sun
will not run

Stands TALL

Mother Sun
many shun


Mother Sun
never undone

Wombed WALL

Mother Sun
aches for Fun

Shakes her SHAWL

Mother Sun
'under the gun'

Never to CRAWL

Mother Sun
war 'hard won'

aches to BAWL

Mother Sun
harms noone

thus, never to FALL

Katherine Marion


After a multi-houred divine discourse on fb with a
good and near to lost 'old' friend, Richard, I am
emboldened, for conscios comparison, not for
the first time .. to write of myself as Mother Sun.

Escpecially since my own, once so shining Son, often
wrote of me, as thus ... Even in picutre form, epressing
his seemingly, tiny visual part in 'the picture;
 of our multifolded love.

As a Butterly: my gentle soul of an innocent child,
 himself. As his brightest light .. alwasys to remain in a
cloudless  sky, for as long as he so longs ...

Now, other courrupt forces have taken him from his
steadfast and studious 'stidemt of life' who's forever acted
on her heartbeat]'s beloved behalf, as teacher, guide, mentor and
'Mother,"as insanity might tend to falsely refer to all too seldom
honoured .. HER.

She shall hold onto him, with her warmth. Her heat
shall heal and restore his truth, back upright. They shall
reighn supreme in a sky unclouded by others who only
hope to smother that other .. which they, themselves
envy and hold in higher esteem than they wish to

Non-believers are not even owrth holding in comtempt,
in or out of court, for they are their own  worst judge
and jury. As long as they attempt to rule .. they are
 already, over-ruled

Mother Sun  - SHE sees all ... and what she knows best:
HER power is immense and she shall keep her head
and all splendid selfless self; above highest waves and hell
water,that bespeaks of anything less than empowered,
emboldened and worth holdign onto ...

LOVE is what shines BRIGHTEST - first and foremost,

Katherine in Greatness and Goddess-ssent Glory


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