Friday, January 18, 2013

She Wears It .. Well, So what the Hell!

She wears it well.. so what the hell!
others carry on as if carrying some church bell
that they ring..
while other sing...
ding a ling, ling

She wears it well, so what the hell!
one Goddess; a whole lotta truth, does foretell
forget everything
prayer on wing
rare as Miing

She wears it well, so what the hell!
join her joy; allow her to fill emptied shell
light to bring
love's last fling
ting, ting, ting

She wears it well, so what the hell!
lose yourself; replenished by her wonder's well ...
divine dancing
wounds to wring
powers; owning!

Katherine Marion


Well, time to pick my 16 year young sweetest soul and womb-mate up from the Gabriola Ferry.

Nothing like a walk under a pregnant Mother Moon, after our 2 - 10 month old Lab puppies come to
give furry kisses, before good for everything and furless momma K goes into the night air to set alive more loe here and everywhere ..!!!!

pic taken on my recent Jan 5th b day.
I am
special K


  1. i'm sorry but my little head took over and started doing the thinking for my bid head when i look at this picture

  2. You always had such a thoughtful way .. of saying thanks.