Saturday, January 26, 2013

Call me 'Stick Woman'

Thelma readying to pounce on her baby brother in order to get that Stick!!!

I can honestly say
there no longer is a 
whee i may
a little play
a whole lotta laughter!

Doggone what may ...
come at me in the hereafter
be that telling time
that I need to go after

Puppies chase a dirty stick
never  worrying over wet fur
or giving a lick
to be sure
of what not is
as long as they have
face to gladly kissd

Dogs llive in the now
right here
none other
for me
Big sis; Thelma
her beaitiful brother!

Katherine Marion


Sometimes i think of how little time .. these pupps will have on this planet.
Yet, mostly, i am ever grateful that for this allotted space in 'human years' i am allowed
to love them and stroke their up-turned ears!!!


Silly capturing .. sanapped by Rusty, my neighbor, a couple of weeks ago, when the rains had somewhat ceased, cold air stood still, and we danced in the chill .. near Silva Baby on Gabriola Island.
Our new home.


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