Saturday, January 26, 2013


                                                        is when a heart can still open
                                                            after it's been shut down

                                                         knows no boudaries or borderss
                                                              fresh as a brand new day

                                                        feels warmth and responds in kind             
                                                          no matter; coldness; left behind
                                                         shares joy by just being with itself
                                                            Boy of Love; be beyond wealth!

                                                          Katherine Marion
                                                         A good way .. to alm neself...
                                                         Take a look at what brings us Peace
                                                          and focus .. on Love.

                                                         A week  or so, ago, Kaelin built this
                                                         fire at our home on Gabriola Island.

                                                         A look .. like this.. can make a person
                                                         live .. a lifetime.

                                                         Thanks for allowing my healing light ...t
                                                         to forever shine ..Kaelin.

                                                         Love is the only way through ...
                                                          To you.

                                                        Love Me - Your "Amazing Mommy"



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