Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Our Family GP shared with Me

                                              Our local Vancouver  family GP shared with me
                                              from his popular, overflowing Kitsilano office
                                              smiling, after giving my Son a routine exam
                                              valuing the deep bond; so apparent between us
                                              " Katherine, I find you to be very virtuous."

                                              So many men, always stuck on' my sexuality
                                              decent to know a Doctor with own eyes to see
                                              rather than treating  me as just another orifice
                                              he accepted  up to responsibilities .. precipice
                                              Single Mom;  thankful for that man. seeing us

                                              Checked Kaelin's green eyes; "beyond 20/20"
                                               raw, vegan organic  super foods; a plenty
                                               'off the charts,' were every single test he ran
                                               checking off ,on every item on his long list
                                               nary a question did this wisest man, miss

                                              It all seemed so routine, upon that silly time
                                              our love was forever for it is of the divine
                                              didn't anticipate how others would hurt us
                                              with their hate and fear-mongering online
                                              an injustice; 'casting pearls before swine.'

                                              Kaelin; peacefully loving as i so much am
                                              never to speak ill against any person, ever
                                              growing up with this female; strong, clever
                                              for he has been loved and accepted for him
                                              never did he feel love to be unmanly or sin

                                              It hurts when i feel what's been done to us
                                              online trolls; so dark and dirty and jealous
                                              attacking innocence, trust,  and vulnerability
                                              well, my child may be a rebellious teen, now
                                              Soon, he will stand up for himself and me

                                              You don't hurt two people where it counts
                                              Love is what is lacking in such sick hearts
                                              in attempts of tearing apart our precious parts
                                              nothing else really matters, tis what amounts
                                              everything sent out, comes back to it's origin

                                              For those haters who spoke ill of me and him
                                              before; darkness into their minds, they let in
                                              no one can fill a void that is afraid of own light
                                              loving someone back to life is always alright
                                              when your not fictional Dorothy or Rin Tin Tin

                                              We are real people who've tasted hell on Earth
                                              just tell'n you, for what wounds must be worth
                                              rarely is my boy, even within my loving sight
                                              frightened him with that; mean and awful fright
                                              all will 'come clean' when the truth can be told

                                               For two old souls will not stay for too long, apart
                                               especially when they share the same loving heart
                                               with light's healing rest. both.. can soon be best
                                               can't wait to bundle up my 6 ft 2 baby K, so tight
                                               putting dirty doomsayer's under heavenly arrest!!!!

                                               Katherine Marion

                                             Well, i would say, 'that pretty much does sum it up."
                                             For now ..
                                             Since if you think. " Mom's the Word,' go buy a brown
                                             Cow and see if she'll give you chocolate milk!!!
                                            Dream on
                                            I AM




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