Sunday, July 28, 2013

I Really had no Idea ...

                                I really had no idea
                                for the longest while
                                that too many felt so bad
                                had lost their smile

                                I really had no concept
                                that i would be shunned
                                often i feel so very sad
                                for stupidity; stunned

                                I really had no mistrust
                                in that world, out there
                                beleiving in beauties
                                my heart lays; bare

                                I really had no intent
                                to uncover broken-hearts
                                laying want and waste
                                to my precious parts

                               I really had no frame
                               inclination for cowardice
                               maliciouisly hurt by many
                               robbing me of my palace

                               I really had no fears
                               I was not safe to speak
                               marauders were adrift
                               until pain reached peak

                               I really had no lies
                               keeping me from truth
                               brave is hopeful heart
                               no matter what .. sleuth

                               I really had no support
                               sent out in dark lands
                               broken shell set clean
                               upon healing sands

                               I really had no goal
                               of gaining notoriety
                               simply searching ..
                               for the real me

                               I really have no stake
                               in fame 'in the hiring'
                               return of innocence
                               be all i am desiring!

                              Katherine Marion


                              I have noted that wherever one goes .. others have
                              all too much to say on the topic.

                              When a heroine is alone - she has only herself to lose.

                               As she 'covers new territory; she has more to take
                               maybe even her own blessed heartbeat ...
                               that capitalized - upon by wretched others
                               precious litttle boy

                               Looking upon vast and treacherous terrain
                               of the smart-assed and ignorant-minded youtube ..
                              wasteland, again
                               finding one more slanderous vid of me
                               I can see ..
                               how vicious villians
                               hope to be vilefully - rid of magical me

                               Not to be

                               HERe to stay
                               not to play
                               at their cold hearted game
                               of calculated hits
                               cause of my pretty 'tits'
                               handsome son
                               and fit physique
                               just tells this "Amazing Mommy"
                               to hold on tight
                               just one more bite
                               of a bad taste ..
                               dished out
                               doesn't mean i have to eat it
                               nor does my child

                               inhumanity gone wild
                               Blessed are those who shine their light
                               for i shalt
                               continue shining ...
                               brave, bold and bright!!!

                              Thank you, dirty detractors..
                              Sleep well


                              Very Special K



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