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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Thelma's my Bitch

Thelma is vying for my attentions and affections - once again - July 4th, 2013

                                         Thelma's my bitch
                                      everyday without a hitch
                                   she causes another silly stitch
                                   as i watch her flail and twitch

                                       Thelma's my bitch
                               'cause of her fly'n fur; i am rich
                                she doesn't care, 'what or which?"
                                    loving me, without a hitch

                                       Thelma's my bitch
                               I watch her scratch another itch
                               mooning a dog named Mitch
                           to her, 'being in heat,' - means 'dog shit'

                                      Thelma's my bitch
                         could'a asked Santa for a poodle or Shitz
                             without her - life would be 'the pits'
                             especially, when she scratches my tits

                                      Thelma's my bitch
                         with "Puppy Love,' no room, at the Ritz
                      jumping for joy, can have it's misses and hits
                  later, tuckered out; she sure is pretty, when she sits!!!

                                   Katherine Marion


                           Focus on the positives, Katherine:

                           A new home.. that the universe brought to your furry family
                           Your first volume of poetry, newly published
                           A puppy deposit owning for the 15th of this magical month
                           Mercury in retrograde - half spun
                           New moon coming .. hard won
                           Simple math; says 'come to terms'
                           Equalizing equation; 'Love em as they squirm'
                           I am talking about pretty Pups - silly
                           watch out or i'll call the next one - "Wee willy" ..
                           named after that x .. you used to know
                           those breasts . upon his fantasies ..  did grow
                           too bad that was all . that ever did ..
                           good thing .. of selfish love - you rid
                           who are you, yourself .. to ever kid?
                           old ghost's .. ain't that easy to rid

                           a seemingly full cup ..
                           is apt to act as empty sieve
                          so, when it comes to playing
                          forget into mud .. you once slid
                          just remember to keep saying ..
                          "Funny, that piece of petrified puppy poop - i hid;
                          right behind that penthouse flower pot"
                          I may sniff .. it out
                          But clean it up - i will not!!

                         kidding ..

                         that last precious and most stinky part
                         I'd pick up doggie tirdies til i die
                         if that kept Thelma and Edward alive
                         to look to me .. with loving eye
                        well, to sleep now
                        nestled -  on our borrowed cot, they await
                        dreams of Furless Momma K
                        shall safely, soon abate

                        Agh, all over .. white sheets - they've shed
                        for resting well; will only cost in, sticky tape ..
                        to shared and blessed bed

                        Holy Doggess, can't wait
                        for my wagging ...friends
                        to lick my smiling face
                        and swat their tails against my resting head!!


                        Kat purring


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