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Monday, March 31, 2014

Thelma has soft Buns!


                                     Thelma has soft buns
                                      She also likes her runs
                                      Nature:where she suns

                                      Thelma has soft buns

                                      Not just as in, only one
                                      Never merely a single bun

                                      Two, she had this morn

                                      Her stomach is well worn
                                      Unto strong DNA; born

                                     She may just blow her horn

                                     Off of gluten, she'd sworn
                                     Lab puppy, surely to be shorn

                                      I cracked up laughing, I did

                                     Who am i to hope to kid?
                                      Hope not in the bed, to rid

                                     Mushroom cap with a big lid?

                                     Naughty thing that she so bid
                                     In tall grass, dead buns did live

                                      Between white teeth, to hide
                                      Wheaty evidence; gut suicide
                                      Glutton eyes; couldn't have lied

                                       After she sleeps, 'er off... today

                                       We may see acid; come into play
                                       "Away, bitch!," I shalt have say!!!

                                       Katherine Marion



                                       A pretty pic.. from yesterday.
                                       Ms. T showing off that other set ..
                                       of buns.

                                      She sleeps.. soundly now
                                      quite the furry hon!!!!



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