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Friday, June 12, 2009

Feeling The Warmth

Feeling good is all that really matters. We are most productive as a people, nation and planet, when we do what makes us happy. Not because we are supposed to. Not because we were told so. Not because we are afraid if we don't ... So simple to act according to our highest self when we listen to the wee voice inside that points us in the most divine direction. Upwards and across ...Listening to the incomparable Joni Mitchell sing: " Both Sides Now", simply affirms that all I have to do is allow myself to sing with the song of life. Dance i
n the light. Flow. And, glow ... like the beacon of beauty that I was put on this earth to be. Shine. Shimmer. And, sometimes shake with a joy that surely does reverberate. Doing what makes me happy - NOW. Why wait?

We spend too much precious time thinking. Moving forward isn't about waiting for the perfect moment to pounce, fall or drift. Getting out of our unhappy head. Stop the hiding. Dry the tears. Put away those old fears. Allow the past to simply lay still. Movement. Momentum. Magic. Feel our bodies. Trust ourselves. Open our hearts. Remember the truth.

Children need no push or shove. Flowers need no pressure to grow. Wind needs no hand to reign. Sun shines on her own accord. Water flows in every direction. Air breathes its own unique breath. Earth bends for no one, for too long. Nature knows no boundaries, barriers, or borders. We must do the same. The only sane game is the one we choose to play.

Pussy cat's awaken to lick themselves and stretch in the morning sun. Lolling about and foraging for a meal. Or, maybe not. Luxuriating in the warmth of a new and splendid day. Rain or shine, feeling as fine as they are able. No candles lit. No fancy table set. No remorse. No regret. Relishing what is. Licking up the cream. And, continuing to dream ....

A baby suffers no guilt for needing to be held. We need to hear our own needs rising above those of others. Going for what we truly desire. Stop the resistance. Accept love, nurturing, and human kindness. Accept a compliment. Allow a gift given. Give more than yourself by being your best you. Not much else to do. Simply, sweetly, and so deliciously ...  JUST BE!


Considering how I literally fought the impulse to write my innermost thoughts and feelings, for hours, I am so grateful I allowed these precious gems ... to finally burst forth to the sparkling surface. Enjoy.

I am!


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  1. WOW, I am glad your inner self won that battle and allowed those expressions to come to the surface, from deep within?, and spill over enabling the rest of us to share.
    You truly are quite wonderful and blessed,

  2. what about if what makes us happy inadvertently makes someone else, somewhere else, unhappy? if we know and still do that thing, does that make us a bad person? I think I know your answer...

  3. Ooooh!

    I love you, already.

    Once I realized I could simply be real, I let go of attempting to be one more good girl.

    Special K