Monday, June 22, 2009

Motherly Message concerning Massage and Benefits of Mothers Milk

The more I get ... the more I give! Must be the sane and safest reason for paying a healer of the highest degree, this most recent and magical evening. One hour past closing, I gleefully entered forth ...  after biking into an endless sunset, enjoying a power workout at the gym, and spending appreciated gifts from the universe on another late night produce purchase. Before my sweetest Son-Always-Rising, informed of the full moon arriving, and being given the pleasure of meeting the furry Bijou, whom I was told, "never bites,"  although this wee, gentle creature takes  a mere 3 hours to clip and groom. Must be my turn to roll over, 'play dead', and gladly pay to be pleasantly pampered ... 

Tom ( his new Canadian name ) was called in, after I let the sweet Asian girl ( she healed her dog's broken leg with her own herbal remedy ) at the door of New Feet know, " I have cash" and " I leave a good tip". Some of us just have that magic touch ( holy Goddess - the old song playing on the radio just sang the same words ). Gratefully, so did my 4 year TCM Doctor  of acupressure! One heavenly and most painful session, sure to heal the most touch deprived and yearning soul, this side of a new and sumptuous sunrise; sure to shine a world of loving light upon blessed me.

Pure and pricey Waleda rose oil in hand, naked in my glory, I lay my tired head upon the white toweled table. Requesting piped-in traditional Chinese music to lull me, I surrendered to warm hands and wisely let go of anything other than Love. Audibly moaning over the "good pain," as a couple of dozen pressure points were firmly pressed and release and relaxation was painfully arrived at. Finally, it was being shown that the heavy wall of knots in my neck and head, is actually my holographic "heart," that caused me to afterwards cry. Tears spilling forth over a powerful image of my beloved Mommy, whom I dearly miss. Over-riding pain ... Thank you. I am still alive !!!


Wait until you watch this darling video of Kaelin  and I. Oh, and be sure and sip some warm Mommy's milk before bed ... Sleep tight. I AM!!!


  1. only if it is 98.6 degrees and is yours

  2. At least you speak your untroubled truth!

    And, yee shall find some sweet fruits ...

    All the breast,