Saturday, June 20, 2009

Joyous June

Joyous June


Smelling the unforgettable fragrance of home - grown pink roses. Photographing friendly flowers swaying in the early summer breeze. Documenting one more memorable walk along the railway ties with my sweet son. Deeply immersed in the study of natural wonders Mother brings forth to so generously share. Marveling at the gentle beauty surrounding blessed me. Transported to that most magical place within …


Early evening filled with promise and delicious delight. Sun setting before warmth of West Coast night. Pubescent child dancing in the loving light. All that lives is this marvelous moment gifted to only us. Two breath’s of fresh air touching all whom we meet. Within our hopeful hearts to happily keep. Joy jumping from every pure and precious pore. Feels so good and right. May we gratefully ask for an never-ending mystery of more …?


Lingering In Love,


Katherine Marion

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