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Saturday, June 6, 2009

My Testament To Love

This Saturday, upon arising, , my 13 year old son headed right to the living room window and captured an image. Quickly, Kaelin came into the bedroom to show me the results ... Not a flower. Nor the shining sun. Nary a bird. Or, a laughing child. Instead, all I had to woefully look upon was the unsmiling face of an aging, overweight male. "This is the guy I've been  telling you about. The one who's been following me and came in our side-door, twice," calmly explained my child. "Look, he has a tattoo!", one aspiring photographer excitedly exclaimed. I felt like I'd been placed in some spy thriller. A bright, new day beginning. And, here I was once, again ... privy to the gross imperfection that surrounds all things and people,  truly precious. A wondrous world that I intend to keep as innocent as any magical Mother, owning her power, forever may. 

After Kaelin began putting a real-life story to his unhappy picture ( ) we went for a walk in our pretty neighborhood. Stopping ever minute or so to treasure one more moment, with the quiet click of a shutter. Obligingly, my young teen slowed down to really smell the flowers. We shared life and it's many splendoured joys. I played impassioned witness as a young man swung on the midget monkey bars, sat on the shrinking  swings, tossed a giant  basketball, played with his pubescent pals at the playground, and enjoyed a forbidden solo pee in the schoolyard corner. I  honored the crossing of one more blessed  milestone into budding manhood. Motherhood offers many gifts. 

Opening up old and tired eyes that have been shut closed for far too long, we are finally able to tenderly touch upon life's eternal bliss. Children bring truth closer to home. Awakening to the reassuring light that envelopes, fills, and continually comes through us; we are kept safer and protected from merely silent shadows that can never overpower. For every ripening sunrise, there is a closing curtain.  For every ray of hope, there is a shade of darkness setting forth. Reaching higher. Digging deeper. Looking within. Beauty lives forever. For we are the conscious creator of our own new reality. 

Now, make it a Supernatural One!


With Wisdom Of  Wonder, 

Katherine Marion


  1. Glad to "see" you again....still remember you from Chiliwack...never did get that chance to chat


  2. Thanks for connecting:

    Soon, to chat.