Friday, January 4, 2013

The Trees Know My Name

The trees know my name.
always there for me
Never pointing to shame
Wish i were a tree

The sunshinec slimbs deep
into innermost me
Not to say a dirty peep
If i were that free....

The rain washes my fears
away, to find me
peace is what love hears
trtuth can always see

The forest heals my heart
protecting me
balnket for wounded part
Wsih i were a tree

Katherine Marion

Today, the day before ..
my biirthday.
Inside again, almost all day ..Even though, for an hour, outdoors, in the
spacious backyard,, Puppy Love, and I
did purposely play.

And, now after a cry and feeling I
could 'just die,' I briefly close the
wound in my heart ..

For my once so shinng Son
has just called me up. to tell
me; But it's soooo far," over
and over, again.

This is my punishment from
a 'dad' that did not call, for years
.. and now, has the broken-balls
to cause these tears ...

For dear daddy, told me,
recently, when he was
'frunk as punch' - I know
about those .. too -
" Now, you know
what it feels like .. Katherine."

His only claim to fame.. he does

This is insane.

Not I
I may cry

And, i may hurt
Yet never to hurt another
not my son
even ssiter
nor brother

For i am - above all else
The One

Blessed Mother!

Katherine in Goddess-lent Glory


  1. happy birthday.

    Dr K said it would be ok if he goes to his father…now you don't worry! all is well. Kaelin has karma with his Dad too, as he PICKED the both of you right? Ofcourse. Now do not point out his Daddy foiables just like you do not like people shaming you for anything ..goes both ways. focus on the light, whats right, love, and you and income and home and love, and trees and making soap and friends and find yourself again as mother yes, but also mother now of a son who has found he can house up with Dad for a little while. His Daddy does love him Kat and you know he does. Do not ciriticize is what I recommend..let that love heal Daddy too, kind thoughts Kat saves our day everyday. It is the difference between the precipice of horror and love…our thoughts alone. Let yours be always focused on peace, allowing, surrender, harmony. Try! Have faith and ( always) hope that K will find what he needs there, let him, let it be good Kat, let it be GOOD. Now focus on constructing your new reality .Hey ot is 2013 and we are NEW now with new subtle energies. feel it, heal it, love it and stop saying anything bad about anything. Its all good and it will all work out yes?Happy Birthday. One day I will also find my home in a wilderness with mohter nature all around me a some new friends. My son may find it too is too too far. Neverthe less I must go where my healing and happiness lay.

  2. You,know - Jeanne - do you want me to discuss what is not my pwersonal business about your life?

    I write about my feelings and truth.
    You continue to project and protect your own fears.

    This is a public forum.
    I have been so kind as to allow comments.
    Now, make them .. count.

    Stop professing to know it all .. Look after your own son and thine own sacred self and put your stuff .. about me and mine, on a supernatural shelf.

    Bless you, Jeanne.
    I care about you.
    You just have a very strange way of showing .. you do.

    With Love,

  3. I love keeping slander .. for later