Monday, December 16, 2013

It Really is an Upside-Down World

                                    " It really is an upside-down world, ' Alice says
                                      before leaving her slum, to fall into .. the palace

                                     " I do believe my head was becoming so big ..
                                      that i surely felt I would need purchase a  wig."

                                     "How could I not see a hole that led to home ...
                                      rather to waste all those years, fears did intone?"

                                      " What need matter if " our head is put on straight,
                                       when for life to be over, most of us, just can't wait?"


                                      Alice looked into a mirror . . as magical as was she
                                      where upon, seeing a Rabbit, filled with utter glee

                                      " Would you mind to share a pot of roses with me?"
                                       asked the floppy eared creature, sipping hot tea

                                       " I 'd be delighted to sit down, for a wonderful spell,"
                                         responded the little girl, out of her -shocked spell

                                        " We've been awaiting your presence, darling dear,"
                                         assured the sure-footed hare, very loud and clear

                                         " With Tsunami's created from a pebble in Peru,
                                          we are glad the universe sent a curve-ball to you!"

                                          " Sip slowly, for time is not even, of the essence ..
                                            all we request is your timely, eternal presence"

                                            Together, to sit upon the ground's freshest Earth
                                            magically, to utter not a word; with smiles of mirth 

                                            Dropping out of your head; so much merriment ..
                                            For the pas,t may never wonder, where 'time - went!'  

                                           Katherine Marion


                                          The first few lines of this telling .. poem, flew out ..
                                          as i sailed out, on my bike, the other overcast night

                                          Yet, one thing... was as sure as the truth was clear,
                                           lI had to complete the rhyme; under full moon - near

                                           Interesting , how worlds can mesh as one, when allowed
                                           Good thing, to 'play it safe,' my inner child, did never vow!

                                           Special K - every day


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