Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Being of Light

King Kaelin at a mere 7 years young and innocent - filled with light and love as ever - holding onto raw fruit to fill with the sun's infinite energy -  Beautiful being . - so cute and clever!

 Being of Light
 sending out rays of hope - everywhere you glow

Being of Light
 permitting others to shine - whilst you melt grapes into wine

Being of Light
seeing beauty ,..everywhere - as I watch your powesr grow

Being of Light
affording me the strength - owning my power that is divine

Being of Light
touching hearts as you hold  mine - energy is all you know

Being of Light
to lose such powers;; a crime' - NOW is truly, 'your TIME'

Being of Light
lift up earthly Angel wings- gifted bird ; always sings

Being of Light
transform cold day into night' -  Be brilliant,;brave and bright!!!

Katherine Marion


Kaelin stands upon our penthouse rooftop deck, at age 7, filled with highest energies .. of heaven.
I allowed him to be hid own true self. Half purest Pixie and impish Elf
Delicious to watch his innocent play. Delightful to see what his love-sent Actions .. have to say!!!

Grateful for this .. one more divine day,
Special momma K


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  1. Your poetry is garden of feeling where i feel your deepest heart mind feeling its gives me sweet inspiring feeling. Thank you so much