Monday, December 9, 2013

What Makes Me Believe I am so Virtuous ...?

                                         What makes me  believe I am so virtuous ...with  food in
                                          my fridge, coziest home, and an old flip-phone?

                                        Gazing  from my double-paneled.,dining room window-
                                        wondering where all of Vancouver's fresh snow., will go?


                                        Intensely aware that i have 2 huge bedrooms and abundant
                                       space .. for life and love.

                                       So what, if my name .. not even be that of  "Mother[, made
                                       over by 'The Ministry;  to be judged  .. as 'mud!'

                                       We have 2 furry Labs to keep me warm, night upon night
                                       of l brutal exile

                                      Sometimes, I'd rather open my doors to bed bugs and
                                      cooties .. than force a broken smile.

                                       Everyone  deserves shelter and safe respite, from
                                       forces of Nature .. intense

                                       I'd settle for Peace, any day ... rather than buy into
                                       this fear-mongering suspense.

                                       Will we awaken from our heated rooms - tomorrow morn, at
                                       un-rumpled best?

                                       Only to trip over..  next neglected body of another brave soul;
                                        whom failed to pass  .. harshest test!

                                      Kathrine Marion


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