Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Consumer is Consumed

                                     The consumer is ultimately, consumed
                                     His designer duds, one day, exhumed

                                     "Sales on men's shirts," soon, resumed
                                     Consumerist society, has re-communed!

                                     No one stops for a beggar, nowadays
                                     Catch that "Sale" at the Hudson's Bay

                                     Women in the work force, 'bad' as men
                                     Brand name labels cover a skinny wren

                                     Latch-key kids with no heart to hold onto
                                     A little  B&B' feels like a fun thing to do

                                     No male role models lift to try and model
                                     Daddy's a 'deadbeat' for his kid to coddle

                                    Latest gimmick; be newest iind-dulling daze
                                    What happened to sunsets on overcast days?

                                   Why does  material wealth mean so much?
                                   Families .. devalued in a dysfunctional rut

                                   "Money can;'t buy you love," Beatles sing
                                    Just a hell of a lot of distractions - silly thing

                                  " Honor your Mother' and own your self
                                    Nothing of' worth' is found on a store shelf!

=                               Katherine Marion


                                   I mentioned these new lines . of this poem,
                                   to Shaison, a movie Director from India, on 
                                   my facebook chat, this early morn.

                                  He wrote how he liked my words .Thus, to
                                  copyright my original concept .. upon my own
                                  page.Creating.. while worried consumers.. fight
                                  internal rage.

                                  Raw Kat outta that nasty ... cage




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