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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Far from Hallowed Weenie ...

                                                   From my deepest understanding.. it seemed that other than me ..
                                                   we were sorely lacking an 'even stronger,' favored 'authority'

                                                   Someone to accept the utmost of premium  responsibility ..
                                                   everywhere ...all i saw, heard, and felt;  'accepted; insanity

                                                   What's a single Mom with 16 years' under her belt,' got to lose?
                                                    Merely her Child! How dare she 'believe?' To relax - .is to snooze .

                                                    Ministry of Children and Families; up to that same, old, lame excuse;
                                                    :We've always wanted your Son put into school," was no new... news

                                                    Dirty Buggers; prey on those whom spell it ..divine and differently
                                                    Finally kidnapping him, they help to destroy us, he, I and WE

                                                    Laid in wait, for years.. adding up to eight - when they took him from me
                                                    " Nothing could be finer,' on Halloween,  than Einer, smiling, eagerly

                                                   My son was 'sweet 16' when the Nazi's last came to play their dirty game
                                                   6 ft 3; puberty was masked as fearless, yet, naught. In Mother, we blame!

                                                   My son and I will never be the same. Angst within my teen, to never tame
                                                 Even our lawyer suffered a stroke; quite the shame. :"Help us!: No one cane

                                                   Might you wonder, as 'hell;' goes asunder, a Mother's seen as Thunder!
                                                   You'd hope by now, our crooked. government; ' cement shoe'd; - under

                                                 Sadly, my tee,n read defamatory material's;" MCFD documents"; blunder
                                                 Began perusing .. of Hitler's camps, can you imagine why.. or even wonder?

                                                   In shock, when a routine call I made .. turned into a bad novel; written
                                                   "Fight or flight,' once the Teetsie bug, it's victim, twice, has been bitten

                                                 Carted off to delinquent 'Daddy'  who called me, " Great Mom," said Injun
                                                  Stole his child's money, cell, and clothes, too. Already hurt, go and 'hit em!'

                                                   There has to be 'real meaning' in this timeless story of 'men' and untruth
                                                 How does it darkly deem, that lightest being;..Son, must become the sleuth?

                                            If I were a bit 'player' and played 'fast ball' at the speed of Hall of Famer/; Ruth
                                              Would any dunce have to check the beaten-badly ball, to daredevil - deduce?

                                                  Innocence, be merely a vulnerable pawn in the game of highest stakes
                                                  Laundering of money; 'legalized child abduction.' .Them's the breaks!

                                                 All I ever wanted ...' another' Angel, to speak to my boy about 'the fakes'
                                         Now, he's "busy,"climbing ladders .. for those vicious 2-faced , conniving snakes!

                                                  Katherine Marion



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