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Thursday, January 2, 2014

If you had a slimy ball ..

                                     If you had a slimy  green ball
                                     would you ask for me , to " Kiss it"

                                    or, preferably,plead; " Just toss it!"

                                     Would you run it .. ragged and bare
                                      with not so much ' skin' left there?

                                      or, preferably, plead, " Just toss it!"i


                                      If you had it 'covered' in the hall
                                      do you really think I 'd miss .. it?

                                      or, simply go, and dismiss 'it?'

                                      If you catch me mess'n.. without care
                                      don't know .. that won't slow, to share ...

                                     most likely, I'll hold it in my hand .. to wash it!!!


                                   Holy Doggone!
                                   I do love our furball;  Edward -  and how he keeps me runn'n after
                                   that once so fuzzy, comfy, little creature.

                                   Furless Momma K 'to the rescue'

                                   peee yew

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