Friday, January 10, 2014

Even Though ..

                                                   Even though i put my mineral eye
                                                   make-up on, last night

                                                   To never leave the house

                                                   I did more than eat vegan cheese
                                                   like some simple mouse


                                                  I paid attention to what came forth
                                                  listening with my heart

                                                  To stay here at my home

                                                  I did more than what others please
                                                  as i talked, in-depth, via phone

                                                 I  heard the voice of truth speak forth
                                                 hearing that.. thus, said

                                                 Working with what was given

                                                 I did more - than at anything .. sneeze
                                                 myself, newly, to be forgiven

                                                 I followed my heart, as was to be told
                                                 beats as any drummer to feel

                                                 Intention set only to greatly heal

                                                 I did more than any mind could allow
                                                 cause i work with only what is real!

                                                 Katherine Marion


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