Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Children are meant to be seen .. and heard

                            Children are meant to be seen and heard
                            Please,, listen  to their every, sincerest word        

                            Read your child's body language;with  love
                            Ensure they be kept safe from push or shove

                            See ... the offender before he be allowed strike
                            Little heart's are not well heard via public mike

                            Parents leading by prime and purest example
                            Grow empowered people, no one can trample!

                            Katherine Marion


                           My x and delinquent 'dad' of 'our' son, told me
                           once, how his dad who died at a mere and sorrowful
                           52, told him" Do as i say. Not as i do."

                           I felt compelled to tell 'him,' that is not a good role model.
                           He had no idea .. what i meant .. or what ONE .. was
                           or is - saddest for him.

                           Thus, i chose to raise my shining Son, alone.
                           With nary a giving soul to guide or back us.

                            Blessed am I for being given such a gift.

                            And, may this Goddess, be duly and divinely, forgiven,
                            if need be .. for anything ,, or manifold fleshed one ,,. ..            
                            coming to hurt her child.

                            That she was not allowed ..
                            to fully .. prevent, or fearlessly see.




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