Sunday, March 30, 2014

Oh, Telling Tree - Will you marry Me?



                                    Oh, telling tree- will you marry me?

                                     Let me climb upon your rooted self
                                     Find homage in one, only ancient truth
                                     Offer me safety within loving limbs
                                      Love me, like I am a wee fairy Elf

                                     Oh, telling tree - will you marry me?

                                      Remind me of when i was so very free
                                      Dry my brow with roughened bark
                                      Centered and rooted, to only stand
                                      What wisdom do you, to impart?

                                     Oh, telling tree - will you marry me?

                                     Wipe away my tears, forever more
                                     Carry me, safely towards harmony
                                     Trust I am all you need ever want
                                     You are mine strength i do adore

                                      Oh, telling tree - will you marry me?

                                      Like a girl, make me giggle, happily
                                      Hold me as I've always ached to be
                                      Keep safe; my sanctity and sanity
                                      Affording gifts of thine supernaturality'

                                      Oh, telling tree- will you marry me?
                                      Grateful for my visits to you, daily
                                       Protect me from darkness unlit
                                      Transporting that which never was
                                      Unto trusted home, where i now sit

                                      Oh, telling tree -will you marry me?
                                       Safe and sacred- so enchantingly
                                       Blessed by roots; gifted by only thee
                                       Resting soul; adored accordingly
                                       Divinely loved, safely within divinity!

                                       Katherine Marion


                                       o,s, '

                                      Inspired by this morning's wonderful
                                      walk .. with Puppy Love ..

                                      Interesting how i had seemingly
                                      envisioned a certain specific photo
                                      study .. a tree, i often hug

                                     Then, when i was directed to my
                                      archived photo's .. this photo
                                      came .. correctly so .. unto me.

                                      If you can complete a crossword
                                      puzzle .. then you may be able to
                                      see . .. what causes this often
                                      troubled heart, to remain content
                                      and free.

                                      Can take a girl out of the Supernatural
                                      Yet, you can't take the Supernatural ..
                                       out of me!!!!




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