Friday, March 28, 2014

Sometimes - hugging a tree is just .. not good enough

                         Sometimes, hugging a tree
                         is just not good enough

                         I wonder why life, at times
                         has to be so very rough?

                         Without love to hold fast
                         onto what matters

                         Sharp splints of hard glass
                         is that which shatters

                        Where is all our humanity
                         sharing hearts that care?

                         People lost in technology
                         too numb to even share

                        With connecting to hearts
                        we center our very being

                         Softened gazes offer hope
                         yes, " Believing is Seeing!:

                       How can life be 'cruel,' at all
                       when kindness is chosen?

                       When life form takes a pulse
                       love will firstly, be chosen

                       Until that time, planet; bereft
                       forgetting what truly counts

                       Anyone can slave for money
                       givers give no accounts

                      A person hides; to run way
                      deceiving themselves; most

                      Everyone needs remembering
                      nothing left to even, boast

                      No one need be forgotten
                      open hearts need to love

                      Mother Nature, she's beauty
                       yet,  from my son , i need a hug!!        

                      Katherine Marion


                     Such a sad and sorrowful state
                     this universe is in
                    selling lies to impressionable minds
                    too young to know

                    oh, dear God, where did innocence
                    so quickly go?
                     One's man's cheap, abysmal relief
                     be a societies stupifying woe!!!





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