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Thursday, August 19, 2010

I Have Only Just Begun ...

                         I have only just begun ...

                         Life really does start at 50

                        Around the corner from 21!

                         I am only getting started ...

                         Life really does start at 50

                         Soon after the baby farted

                         I am going to dearly warm ...

                         Life really does start at 50
                         After you leave the hobby farm

                         I am my very own wet dream...

                         Life really does start at 50

                         Knowing that which is not seen

                         I am trading my slipper for a glove ..

                         Life really does start at 50

                        Little devil - once Angel from above

                        I am owning my power as never before...

                        Life really does start at 50

                        Not that anyone is keeping score


                       I am speaking my voice in new light ...

                       Life really does start at 50

                       Shining bold and beautifully bright

                        I am ready to play with energy...

                        Life really does start at 50

                        Come and play with magical me!

                        Katherine Marion



                       After the horrendous dust storm in Penicton, a couple of weeks
                       ago, my trusted Canon AE1 has not been quite up to par .. Thus,
                       I decided to haul out my client, Michael's gift of a Canon movie
                       camera, and practically beg my son to shoot a few stills .. since
                       this clear evening is the first time in p;robably 6 weeks that I
                       even contemplated putting on a few coats of a my eco-friendly
                       black mascara and some natural tinted eyeshadow. What the
                       heck, with my new hair, or shall I say, "less of my old hair", I
                       was feeling kind'a sexy and really wanted to capture the mom-
                       entous moment on one more soon to be running out ... 16
                       GB memory card, worth remembering.

                       Besides, my intentions were of the highest after speaking to
                       Stefan, a raw, vegan who drinks un-pastuerized milk and is a
                       faithful follower of a Maharaj from Bombay, who just
                       happens to be doing his swirling ddervish best to guide this
                       wayword world to dance more and listen attentively to the
                       their own guiding voice. Or, this is what I astutely assume,
                       since I decided that I did not deem myself to be of the covert
                       type, even though my visit to Banyen for a "Free Book Signing"
                       was to be to interview Swami Rahda for Vancover's only
                       REAL NEWS -  Looking
                       at myself in the new light of my co-publisher Dan Merchant;
                       giving me the greatest green light on going ahead on my newest
                       inspiration: a story on David Icke and how he is breaking the
                       news-front on a ground-breaking new story about the "Mafia"
                       Ministry Of Children and Families in the UK, that routinely
                       steals away "homeschooling children" left to play outside of
                       the box and to think for themseves. Imagine the audacity!

                       Oh, ya, that happenened to my child, too.

                      Funny, how so many ignorant many have said to me; "That was
                       a long time ago ... Aren't you over that, yet?"

                      Well, 'getting over' their own ignorance is a lot less challenging
                       than forgetting what must always be remembered .. And, effect-
                       ively dealt with in a manner befitting this http://www.supernatural/
              and the truth she so diligently and divinely repres-                       ents and epitomizes.

                     See you at the head of the line ...!!!!!


                     Please feel free to post your positive commentary; it is only fair.
                     And, even I  - really appreciate being fed kind words ...



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