Wednesday, August 25, 2010

To Protect, Honor and Cherish

                             Upon the sunlit sands of Okanogan Lake
                            My breath was his to take ...

                             Before a dust storm on the heated beach

                             His loving hand within reach ...

                            After hiking up Manning Park's Frosty Peak

                            Kindness is all our hearts seek ...

                            Upon our Rawome Road Trip To Recovery

                            Both of us makes up WE ...

                            Travelling the highways of beautiful B.C.

                            Two spirits set free ...

                            Eating organic peaches in Kerameos,

                            Rawsomely looking after US ...

                            Swimming in frigid Lightening Lake

                            Courage is all it does take ...

                            Soaking in a sauna to warm the core

                            Allowing healing heat to soar ....

                             Driving through the Rocky Mountains

                             Strangers becoming new friends ...

                            Watching Deer walk freely in Banff

                            Offers a spirit a second chance ...

                             Eating not a fish in Salmon Arm

                            An Okanogan filled with charm ...

                            Strolling under clear starlit skies

                            Motherly Love never dies ...

                            Katherine Marion




                           Before deciding on whether or not I shall take my on on a 2
                          week adventure to Gambier Island, where we may very well
                          be receiving a bursary for us to attend, I am listening to Kaelin
                          as he watches a video from 4 years ago, from when he was
                          being chased by a squirrel and keeping his nuts ...

                          Missing my life/deadline for where I write
                          my monthly "Co-Creating a Conscious Community" column;
                          due to immense sleep deprivation and first having to interview
                 before I put forth the statistics on single
                          Mom's having their children stolen away by the bungling B.C.
                          bureacracy; Ministry of Children and Families, whom launder
                          toiling tax-payer's dollars at every flip of the magician's hat.

                          Watching my 14 year old son's wonderful series of self-creat
                           ed video's from when he was 9 and had just been returned by
                           the misfit ministry who stole him away for 8 months of our
                           mystical and magical lives. Whereupon, he puts a faux budgie
                           metal stick and makes it cry and talk. Art therapy at it's heal-
                           in and self-expressed best.

                          Trying not to think about that rat that keeps coming into our
                           once so happy home, through the window of our loving
                           room. Finally hanging up on the other rat on the phone, who
                           calls every 6 months or so, to spew his vile poison and blame
                           me for "his son' being taken, all else that he chooses to not
                           accept responsibility for.

                           Dreaming of the nearly island 3 bedroom cottage rental
                            that awaits our emminent arrival, by the end of September.
                            And, all the hurting that shall soon subside when we get
                            out of the stress-inducing city, to perfectly place  ourselves
                            into the soul-aligning and "perfect timing" rhythm of things
                            and precoius people as Mother Nature so abundantly intend

                          Merely one more day
                          in the luscious and well-lived lives of a couple of happy
                          hearts that shall remain open ....

                         Supernaturally so,

                         Katherine Marioin





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