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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

This Little Boy I Will Always Love

Once upon a Supernatural fairytale time ...

Two souls lived a loving life - Supernaturally sublime!

Upon a rawsome rooftop garden so green

Minding their own beeswax and happy as in a dream

Under the  stinking spell of evil witches, many

Jealous fakes who allied with Children and Family Ministry

Strucken down by blond sunshine and smiles

Women witches with varicose viens and plentiful piles

Afraid of their own light so they chose to shut us down

Powerless dis-abled hearts breaking their broken-down crown

Casting putrid projections rather than good intentions

After a willful while it was too late for even well planned preventions

Deeming us as the homeschooling family to go down

Long hair and happiness while all they wore to bed was a frown

From the first day we moved into our penthouse suite

All we heard from meddlesome mice was a constant unconscious peep

Lying through ugly fear-stained teeth waiting to bite

Constantly calling authorities to hurt us with gleeful delight

This picture was taken when we felt we had nothing to lose

Not yet, legally torn apart, we gave and offered only LOVE to choose

Anonymously claiming my raw fooder was unfed

With "heroin needles" under our flowery queen-size bed

Wretched deceivers feigning as friends, really foe

Wonder where their wondrous light did ever ever gruesomly go?

What could cause a person to hurt another as they did to us

You'd think they'd pay us millions to teach, "In Goddess We Trust!"

Even though my son was just caught and taught, this week

By back alley Butcher's that his 2 ft braid was no longer 'so to peek'

We shall continue to live our loving lives as we see fit

The blasted rest can go and suck on another's milky-white tit!!!!

Katherine Marion


That's it! Now, I feel better.

Thus inspired by the crazy comment on my previous telling post, I went into my archived pics that my blessed boy has so kindly been keeping for easy access, and found the above beautiful memento.

My son was 6 or 7 years young, at this torrid and tumultous time. Copious amounts of horrific paperwork
was already in the willfull making .. which would have him ilegally taken away from me by imposters claiming to care for children, whom actually are given bonus' for stealing them away from single mothers like me and millions more ...

We actually felt invincible, becase we all are! The only thing is, we did not know our rights, yet. And, we are still learning. As ever, the 'hard way' ; with experience as our patient teacher.

Yet, why in the wonderful world that we choose create, should their ever be served up, anything other than bliss?

We are soon, moving to a magical place ...  and shall continue to have our magial mirrors match up ...

Believing in the same sanest beauty we see within ... Other  and always wise, we shall simply go without!

Here's to remembering,

Katherine and Kaelin

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