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Monday, February 27, 2012

Feel the Sparkle In my Eye

Feel the sparkle in my eye

lift your spirits ever-high

may this kindest part of "I"

inspire you to dare to fly

   Feel the sparkle in my eye

  pink ribbons to now untie

   say you'd rather live than die

           let go . to glow tirelessly try  

Feel the sparkle in my eye

watch you in love without lie

    pray with happiest heart's sigh

   truth of itself; be not ever shy

Feel the sparkle in my eye

   touch faded crimson trailing by

   know the sweetness of the pie

     Me is simply the magic of "My"

Katherine Marion


One more self portrait of my highest self ;
as I reach out for love. Finding it in the arms
of Mother Nature - as she reminds me of
all the love I have to give  ...
unto myself.


Even though, this pic was captured, last month's end ...
On the intense weekend, working with a workshop full
of others .. filling themselves up - I knew that this mystical
Monday morn, after a wonderful evening at Brock Tully's
65th Birthday Bash, at the Unitarian Church, I  knew
this image to be perfect.

For i am not always aware of what i need to speak ...

All that i am aware of is that I trust the universe to align, rather than
for others .. to define.

Thus, HERe's to supernatural gifts ... of the sublime.



What is most paramount at this tell-tale time, is that
I stand up for those who can barely 'take it,' even while
laying down.

There are those whom have lost their spirits.

And, i am here to give you hope.

Bless you.

As am I

Katherine In Greatness and Gratefulness


I love you, Susan.

And, so many others of my kindred heart's  .. sisters and brothers!

Special k

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