Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Getting High ... Supernaturally!


                    No other big bird

will ever fly as high

                     as I

                 Not any jumbo jet

shall soar in blue sky

                      as I

                   Nobody can find

ample reason to cry

                      as I

                    Only one raw foodie

joyfully  lives to die

                      as I

Katherine Marion


Yes, my supernatural son, King Kaelin, captured this
joyful picture, this past October, in front of our
friendly neighborhood grocery store.

Drinking a bottle of Kombucha - fermented mushroom
drink that my son adores ...

Almost as much as ME!

With love and light,

Special K


New biz card - what do you feel?

And, what would you buy from me?


The smile is for free!


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