Sunday, February 12, 2012

Long , Lean & Green

Long, lean, and Green

isn't just the look of healing wheat grass

Long, lean, and Green

sorta like the way my jeans hug my ass

Long, lean, and Green

beyond a blond holding an asparagus

kinda like a baby clutching ta' ta's

before worldly appetites to thus amass

Long, lean, and Green

beating our Vancouver winter blah's

exactly as a supernova with extra gas

topping up ... with extra class and sass!

Katherine Marion


After less than 5 hours of sleep, and highest
hopes of offering mine own .. to my baby
brother - as he sits obediently in a locked-up
compound, awaiting my eminent arrival ...
psyched - to say the least.

With a hot Himalayan Crystal bath and essential
oils to help light my way, with their unique
cleansing properties, I was ready to blaze a new
trail, made of soaked sesame seeds and Goji Berries,
wrapped in honey and sisterly love.

Since i often feel, exceedingly confined, due to raising
a young teen homeschooling boy, on my own, in the
'big city,' I felt it only fair to 'dress it up,' as I readied
to dance out the door of my mirrored living space.

To soon enter a brand new space ... Where-upon, when
your arms arelifted and it's not to check for a
precious pulse.

And,unless its processed and preferably
purchased at some silly Super Store .. on the mindless
menu; there shall be no superfoods served; such as naturally
-salted Dulse.

Later, my humorous Bro, noted that I "could have smuggled
a gun in" , with the Kale salad, that I offered to share. Guess
I might have been prone to mention the same insane thing, if
I was having my nerves .. frazzled and bare.

Now, that I am safely ensconced in my happy and healing
home, wish he was hearing the reassurance of my voice, across
the untapped wires of my phone.

Walking through locked doors and removing the mercury from
your teeth, before a tazser comes your way, is not my favored
way to play ...

Thus, all i can finally and gratefully say; " I love you, Dearest
Brother. Remember that I am your #1 staunch supporter. Standing
by to hold and love you. No matter when and wounded soldier's - where,
I shall always be there.

Sponsoring solidarity and self-dignity - with purest impunity,


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