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Sunday, February 12, 2012

My Message of HOPE to Baby Brother

So good to look into your loving brown eyes

Shining brightly; above all those external lies

So nice to feel the depth of your honest hug

Holding you close; delivering all of my love

So hopeful are you, as we visit for this first time

Gratefully accepting gifts; books and foods - fine

So brave are you as you 'never say never "

Overcoming odds; placed before you, as ever

So true is your kind heart as we touch base

Love will keep you and all Angels; safe

So happy are you to visit with you lone sis

Even, gently touching my cheek; with a kiss

So concerned over your sweet, teen daughter

Hoping she isn't doing what they taught her

So grateful am I to know your kindest soul

Being your big sis;  I am now, happy and whole!

Katherine Marion


Most .. will never know what i go through .. in one day. Let alone,
an often loveless lifetime.

Yet, if I ever stooped low enough .. to compare my blessed life to
that of my neglected and forgotten brother ..

All that i could then say is that i have found heaven , when all he
has been given .. is hell.


Last noon, I liked the way my eyes  did look, as love opened up an un-Godly
river's canal of tears and tumultuous tides ..

So, i let the emotional fanfare ride .. its consciousness - raising
course .. To soon, subside

Into waves of overwhelming Goddess-sent gratitude.


Bless all of those .. whom feel so sorry for themselves. May they one day
visit; hopefully never to stay confined .. within, a high security compound,
where brutal bitterness has a tendency to boil over ..

And rob a once gentle soul into submission.

Love one Supernatural Sister - Kathy

Big Sister to the Heart-sent rescue  - Feb 11,  2012

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