Saturday, April 21, 2012

I Can Feel My Power Coming Back ...

I can feel my power coming back

Removing my head from that sack

That last one, was quite the whack

Anyone else, may have lost track ...

Losing one's innocence is one fact

Felt like I got hit by another Mac

Like when I was raped in that shack

Decades later, online, esteem to hack

My son getting hurt is the final hit

This teen may as well be on the tit

Upon my raw roost, no longer to sit

No doubt about it, this is finally it

Anyone can sign a plaintiff's writ

Most, over less, would have a fit

For now; write my message in crypt

Justice prevails, and bad guys get shit!!!!!

Katherine Marion


Yes, i asked my blessed boy, King Kaelin, to
snap this picture, the last time i went out .. to a
young gal friends birthday party. That was two
months ago - at least. My last dress-up event.

For weeks i won't even wear mascara. Wearing
my favorite 'uniform,' Lululemon Yoga gear, i
 get a wholesome lot more done. And, have
more of a tendency to look after my self, even
better  - since i am already dressed and ready for
a workout. Gotta bring in that self-love ...

When I look at this pretty picture, i feel empowered.
As i hope many others ... will, also.

For , it seems that when i dress it up and put on my
lashes - eco friendly and biodegradable mascara
that scares not a soul, I am reminded of the many
'fights' in court; family custody wins, battles with the
MCFD to get my child out of that gay foster 'home,'
and of course, keeping that repeat offender - off the
streets and behind bars, for close to 30 trauma-filled
years. You know that friendly psychopath who raped
a 12 year old girl, killed her, and buried her body ..
before he went home to tell his wife and have dinner
with his kids. No kidding.

So,now i am gearing up for something really big . again.
I can feel it .. sitting ever so right and bright, in the
depth of my divinity.

Oh, aren't I looking simply the prettiest picture of robust
and rawk'n supernatural inner wealth?

Nice sharing with you ..

Now, please help others .. Women; especially, to empower

Share my truth.

It is all of ours ...

Honoring the Woman inside of magical Me who never got
to be that 'little girl.'

Yet, whom is now about to help her 'getting real big' little boy;
silently ... crying out for help and attention.

Some of have the skills and tools.

Other's don't.

Most give up, before they've even begun.

I won't.

This Powerhouse .. has merely just begun ....!!!!!

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