Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Home is OUR Healing Haven

My home is our healing haven

when it is sanctuary you be crave'n

Drop by to get a love-felt hug

at your heart stirrings, I tenderly tug

Some say to take a posh holiday

"simple time," alone, is all I need say

When you get the itch to bitch

opening a heart, soothes a knotted hitch

My home is your castle upon earth

filled with tears of joy and gentle mirth

Sanded down by sands of sorrow

from life we  allow  all, to kindly borrow

Sharing is all that is needed to help

reach out rather than vent, yell, or yelp

Sit yourself down and rest for a time

I know love is greatest healer and lifeline!!!

Katherine Marion


I captured this picture of part of my pretty purple-toned
(highest healing color ..) living area .. last year.

Our surrounding matter so much, to us .. and all that
enter into our conscious space, thus co-created in
the light of a new and even more divine day.

Sublimely your wondrous way,

special K


Our for real.. Rawk'n Retreat is available...

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