Friday, April 20, 2012

Eat My Cookies .. Moist and Sweet

Eat my cookies .. moist and sweet 

you are in .. for the biggest taste treat

Eat my cookies .. fresh and organic

you  are gonna turn positively orgasmic

Eat my cookies ... alive with light 

you are sure to feel purest delight

Eat my cookies on the floor with me

Fueling up on Goddess-sent ecstasy

Eat my cookies .. as i tell you to do so 

what is real within .. shall glow and grow

Eat my cookies ... created with heart

of yours .. this is the greatest, greenest part 

Eat my cookies .. touched by Nature 

Allow Giai's Love to fully nurture 

Eat my cookies ... I do thus implore

Fresh from dehydrator, into Divinities door ...

Eat my cookies .. to explode with Joy

Enough to turn grown-man, back into Boy

Eat my cookies .. stoked by power true

Goddess putting the healing heat within you 

Eat my cookies ... under my loving gaze

all day and night . may you gorge and graze 

Eat my cookies .. created with you in mind

Breast thing coming ..and going, for ManKind

Eat my cookies ... spent by fervor and fantasy 

Connecting to sexiest spirit within Supernatural Me

Eat my cookies .. with a glass of cold almond mylk

You might say that i am your eternal MilLF

Eat my cookies .. as they sit on their pretty plate

Please, to watch .. i can barely afford to wait ...

Eat my cookies .. as we licked the platter clean

To live in the Raw with me .. is to die in a dream!!!!

Katherine Marion /rawsomechef 


Now, show your humbled thanks as you help support my rawk'n poetry and rawsome 
lickability ... 

To order your delicious dishes, hire me for an enchanting speaking engagement, work it out in a workshop format, or simply donate .. via paypal. 

I am moving to the country to feed myself, my son, and a sis and brother black and golden Labs puppies that are coming home, real soon. Slow to leave the ten tits and 6 siblings they left behind. The perfect setting and happiest home .. unto which, we gratefully now align ...

Oh, not to mention the haling acreage that i am already visualizing .. So many others to love, as we lead our newest life .. of rawstruck Love.

So, thanks ahead of time .. and  of the victorious vine.

Heading forward .. to our Rawstruck Retreat, 

Your very own  hard-core and bodied Angel K ; divine deva from above

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