Saturday, April 21, 2012

The divine day .. my 14 year old son, bladed to buy me LOVE!!!

Two Mothers 'Daze' .. ago, my sacred son gave unto me

a boxful of pretty pansies that caused me to thrill in glee

Rollerblading miles .. to bring "Mommy" scented smiles

all i could do was hug and hold him him; posing on tiles

So proud of himself that he had some money to bring joy

i am still remembering the face of self esteem upon my boy

We all know what one another truly needs and even wants

what happens is, that when we can't give it .. hurt haunts

I know this for i have watched my son turn inward out of fear

Stealing money from my paypal account, to disappear, last year

Situations can change in a families life, yet, we must stay sane

It is only by keeping love, that we all shall win life's long game

This year, he is already 16 and filled up on manly testosterone

may he soon remember that my heart is forever his first  home

I am the light that keeps him safe on the unpaved path he choose

With forgiveness and a whole lot of gentleness; no one can lose!

Katherine Marion


I was actually looking for a "goodnight' pic to post for my facebook pals,
when i gratefully glimpsed this Goddess-sent gift.

Since i am so very appreciative for King Kaelin's most recent return
back to me, this blessed evening, just felt it only fair to allow
another Mother and Son and other .. to enjoy some supernatural
receiving ...

Enjoy my Flowers of Love,

Momma K


It takes so little .. to give Love!!!!

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