Friday, January 10, 2014

Gernerosity was once .. Your Strong Suit ...You wore so well!

                                      Generosity was once ..
                                      your  strong suit
                                      you wore so well
                                      before they sent us to hell
                                      and called "King Kaelin"
                                      a 'fruit'
                                      all cause he loved "Amazing Mommy"
                                      and amidst supreme online jealousy
                                      my little boy lost sight ..
                                      of our true Love's legitimacy

                                     Wear unconditional love
                                      upon your sleeve
                                      pray, do all, to tell
                                      for stinkers, always smell
                                      worthy man, my Son
                                      of heart
                                      all cause he loves "Amazing Mommy"
                                      shares his insights and delight
                                      within Joy's eternal infancy ..

                                     Bear no arms to grudge
                                     vase not empty
                                     as you know to truly tell
                                     a Wise One has never fell
                                     such as beautiful boy, bright
                                     a start ..
                                     all cause of love for ' Amazing Mommy"
                                     hears the truth, raw and right
                                     remembering soul's intimacy

                                    Tears not a strip off of himself
                                    or any others
                                     young man, at best
                                    wonderful and well
                                    no longer broken shell
                                    new day after longest night
                                    waters part
                                    all cause of love from " Amazing Mommy"
                                    again, sets his mind upright
                                    as he is highest part of She!'

                                    Katherine Marion




  1. most beautiful and inspiring blog always love and tread.. bless you Katherine

  2. You are a true treasure, dear friend.
    Thank you!!!
    Please share - everywhere.

    Love katherine