Friday, September 3, 2010

Hot 'n Ready To Heal and Squeel

It all began the other blessed sun-kissed day..

After travelling outside, on my bicycle to play.

Meeting a handsome drug addict along the way

$20.00 - to talk to me, is all  I made him pay

Stripping off his fancy shirt in the light of day

While flexing, the wierdest things he did say

Senior Center secretary seeing the display

Wore  a smile rather than a frown of dismay

Walking down back stairs to avoid the fray

I ran away from him, pretty pronto and amskray

Cycling downtown to file my late tax return

Finding out a phone call costs 50 cents - to burn

A man at the booth, with wanting did yearn

To teach a lesson you must also be keen to learn

For gourmet raw food; my belly was set on churn

I asked that music promoter to drive down ..and turn

Afraid I was a Woman who was intent on him to spurn

He took his time parking as his gut did surely set churn

Gorilla Food; where we talked for a tasty hour or two

6 ft 3 telling me," Gain weight" with my pounds too few

I let him bite into my hemp seed chocolate cake so true

Strangers come together while senses  rawsomely renew

For a  Monkey Sandwich a woman will almost anything do

Takes away the hunger of treats too sparse and seldom few

Some of us have no intention of setting up someone to screw

Beings, actually of the sweetest and sanely conscious few

Besides what's a mid-life Momma wearing hot gear to do?

Rather spread this joy to a deserving and attentive crew

Before I wrangled a free Yin class, at YYoga at its best

I met a man on his bike, whom in artistic sexuality does attest

Partner with "The Art Of Loving",  where sex never takes a rest

Woman writing "The V-Spot" works for our mag, with sexy zest

1 1/2 hrs of  muscle and ligament stretching took us to the crest

As one of the full class of 30, "Never felt better," I gratefully confess

Dan was our kind intructor who gave beyond his all rather than less

Time to take care of ourselves and leave behind self-induced 'stress.'

Later,sweating for 25 minutes in a healing infared sauna, prepared me

For what no sweet soul upon a couple of wheels would ever wanna see.

Spying a guy on a racing bike, with 3 bags of empties; nowhere to flee ...

Hit in ,the face and knocked to the hard pavement, to fall upon my knee

It would have been less painful falling out of a friendly old, oak tree

Rather than being befelled by dirty, hard-core dumpster diver energy

An Angel came up and offered her healing touch Reiki services, luckily

A Victoria homeopath, staying at The Sutton Hotel, set my heart free

A generous gift of a paid cab ride home, along with some freezing ice

Allowed me to thank this loving universe; always ever so kind and nice

Doesn't matter if your "slumlord" still won't take care of the hidden mice

My homeschooler has a bath ever 2 weeks and he doesn't carry head lice

Who cares if I'm evicted and my coward neighbours called MCFD, twice

In this world, meddlesome rodents make themselves known, and are rife

All I know is that every hit feeds my creativity and lengthens my life

And, I'd rather be single and loving my son than be any whiner's wife!!!

Katherine Marion


Well, my right leg can eaily be dragged or lifted, as long as I do not willfully bend it past it's now breaking capacity ... a mere 45%\!

So much for my plan to take a slow ferry out of this far-fetched and often falling apart village of Vancouver. My upcoming landlady is probaby beyond tired of me concocting one more seasoned excuse; " son's assault in a back alley, by 3 teens" - just this week, "Going into anaphylactic shock" - after eating some over-heated thinly sliced rye slices, and finally, being "hit by a mad cyclist" -  and dropped merilessly to the ground.

With days needed to get my leg back in working order, after immense and necessary swelling goes down, all I want to do is write, as I sit firmly, upon my firm, suntanned butt, as I find one more excuse to pour out my feelings, as I express .. rather than depress myself.

Who knows, maybe I will work on my tan-lines, during this warm Indian Summer, "Without The Native", as I have been affirming for over a healing decade; after being kicked in the leg and smacked in the face by my x- the one who so lovingly gifted me with a child!

Not only is he coming back to town in October, as he has so kindly shared with me, in a recent strained phone conversation .... I can still feel his heart is more frozen than the ice I hold against my leg.

Besides, his passive-agressive behoviours led him to get his then girlfriend, B, to throw gravel in my face, from a moving car, the day before family court, so many maddeninly crazy yeara ago.

The most recent rat  - of the 4 legged and harmless ilk - has left the building, thanks to peanut butter and a Rogers cell phone box that Kaelin rigged up, this week. Don't know if I have guts to work my abs on that floor, yet. But, I will get off my own butt to ready for my fill of rat's tales ...Tenancy meeting, via good 'ol fashioned telephone at month's end, unless something else grabs my magical attention, and I move into the perfect place - before I break - to preciously mend.

To you and your insanely sane sense of humor, my thought-provoking concepts, divine discourse and humorous happenings .. I do graciously send!!!!


This pic of me in my new Bilabong Bikini, was taken at The Fox Hotel - one deluxe multi-star resort, up in beautiful Banff, a few wonderfully relaxing weeks ago.


  1. wowsers!!! just another action packed day in the life of a Supernaturalwoman( you need to get a Superheroine costume!)see if you can get some tv company to do a reality tv ''fly on the wall Doc'' people in millions would watch this!!!!!!! Peace to you sister:D

  2. Dearest Eldon,

    Wicked idea!

    My site was intuitively inducted .. in 03. And, in all that tremendous time, I have never even had this joyful vision ... that you have so ingeniously concocted.

    Thanks to one ardent fan and staunch supernatural supporter - who knows?

    Blissful Blessings to yummiest you,

    Love Katherine

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  4. U are ever stunning and inspirational Katherine!! 'Tis a crying shame U have no male worthy of your love(other than Kaelin) in your life!!



  5. Dearest Tomothee,

    Thee are quite right!

    Forever aspiring ...

    And, thanks to yummy you and your divine desiring.

    Bless you for being such a conscious communicator.

    Appreciating your supernatural sincerity!!!!

    With love and greatitude,

    Kat purring

  6. Banff is one of my favorite places. In another life I lived there, Lake Louise and off the David Thompson Highway, high above Rocky Mountain House.

    Some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, with magnificent energy...but no beauty or sweet energy that rivals you, my lady goddess.

  7. I am smiling .. with all my happy heart - as i read your wonderful words, dear Lyndsay.

    Banff is a rawk'n resort town that i can see living within. There is even a raw cafe on the main drag. Rawsome!

    We stayed merely a few nights. Yet, The Fox was one fine hotel and such a pure and precious pleasure just to let go and be freeeeee.



  8. Lady K, wouldst thou please contact me on facebook?

  9. i love your new title - Timothee!

    Write .. away, i shall.

    love k