Sunday, March 6, 2011

How Young Do you Have To Be Before You Begin a Life of Misogyny?

How young do you have to be

before you begin a life of misogyny?

Where do you go after you abuse

a Woman with your fears, profuse?

Who deserves to be called any name

thanks to small minds, already insane?

What rights have I to further protect

myself; from ignorance that they project?

Why would any heart hurt another

especially that of a loving mother?

When will sick societies children

be accountable for abusive infraction?

Katherine Marion


I was shaking when i called the police.

The abusers were a mere 13 years old.

Videotaped from my bedroom, as they rallied beneath my windows, calling me - incessantly on my home phone - and leaving disgusting messages, that no parent would be glad to receive or know that their blessed children had left another loving mother.

Today, is the day after ..

And, i am reeling.

Then, again - to write about this civil abuses is far better and braver than to rail against a sick society in the far from magical making.

That these 4 - once upon a time, innocent children - young abusers find themselves allowed to make to a kind and loving soul, who mas already been hurt way beyond measure.

Thus, these series of poems and letters I so solemnly swear to write  - with purest pleasure.

Besides, it hurts to much .. to eat the pain.

Guess, I will share ..

Besides, it is an awfully big poo pie!


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